Brenda and Anderson

Brenda and Anderson

Brenda Carvalho and Anderson Mendes de Rocha are international Brazilian Zouk dance and Movement sensations. They are both master dancers, choreographers, and educators. Their particular style of teaching focuses heavily on learning to know oneself by learning to be embodied. They use dance and movement as a container for self learning, self knowledge and exploration. Their classes help you tap in to your innate sense of power, grace, balance and potential

B&A Module #4 (Flow)

Brenda Module #5

Anderson Module #5

B&A and China Module #6 (Integration & Guided Practica)

Main Hall

You’ve learned a lot! Stick around for the guided practica to build muscle memory patterns in your mind and body.


B&A Module #1

B&A Module #2

B&A Module #3