The Philosophy Behind FLOW

FLOW—what is it, anyway? In a nutshell, FLOW is a celebration of social dance, offering three nights of dedicated social dances and thirteen hours of fun, interactive workshops in Brazilian zouk—with a touch of acro-yoga, contact improvisation, partner massage, and laughter yoga mixed in for sheer pleasure.
On a deeper level, FLOW invites you to step out of the ordinary and try on the idea of social dance as a practice for personal growth and high-level connection. Our idea is that FLOW will provide a space to get to know and love ourselves, at the same time as we get to know and love each other, and grow together as dancers.
The truth is that partner dancing often triggers some of our most basic human doubts and fears. Am I good enough? Do I look ok? (Do I look like a total idiot?) Can I do this? Does my partner like me? Is my partner bored out of his/her mind right now?
If you’ve ever been plagued by inner chatter like this—well, so have we! That’s why we wanted to create a space to mindfully acknowledge and playfully work with the thoughts and emotions that sometimes get in the way of our social dancing.
To help make this happen we have four amazing souls joining us . . . who also happen to be great zouk dancers and teachers! Gui Prada and Valeska Kohan are best known for their acclaimed work “The Universe Behind the Hug,” and Zandro Zoncini and Danielle Felices are well known for their smooth, hip-hop dance styling and joyful teaching style. These folks put their whole hearts into what they do, and we can’t wait to welcome them to Edmonton.
Dancing—like life—invites us to see ourselves for who we truly are: human, perfect in our imperfections, always learning, always changing. Alive! This mindset takes practice, as much practice (if not more!) as any dance technique or physical movement. The purpose of FLOW is to bring all these elements together: the mental, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual, too.
Come with curiosity, come with an open mind, come with a willingness to immerse into the moment. We hope you’ll join us.
– Chelsey & Horacio

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