What’s New For FLOW 2019?

FLOW is a Brazilian zouk dance event that takes the best qualities of a community weekender and an international dance congress and creates a fun and unique dance experience. By day FLOW feels like a weekender with an intimate vibe and friendly atmosphere–we guarantee you’ll get to know pretty much everyone by the end of Sunday afternoon and come away with lots of new friends and connections. By night our deejays work together to weave a seamless dance experience through lush music, lights and video, providing the energy to power you far into the wee hours.

More than just dance, FLOW includes partnered activities that align with zouk and that are not only fun, but help teach and integrate key technical concepts like balance, body awareness and posture, while at the same time building trust and human connection. Yes please!

In order to keep the experience intimate ticket sales are capped at 100, with an even number of leads and follows. We do not sell party-only tickets, so you will be with the same people throughout the entire FLOW experience, which allows everyone to relax into a warm and trusting environment. 

Last but certainly not least–we have Anderson and Brenda as the headline artists for FLOW 2019! We are absolutely thrilled to bring them to Canada for the very first time. 

This is the third year for FLOW, and we think it’s going to be the best yet. 

Get your ticket!